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Mark Pilgrim, author of Dive Into Python (Python’s analogue of the “Camel Book”, IMHO), tells me that my prediction from this entry
has been fulfilled. Yesterday, he was in an IRC channel where various
Python programmers were discussing the errors in the Python Marriage
Proposal (not to be confused with Python Enhancement Proposals).

Summer at Iridesce Sent pointed me to this proposal that is also working Perl code:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

my$f= $[;my
$ch=0;sub l{length}
sub r{join"", reverse split
("",$_[$[])}sub ss{substr($_[0]
,$_[1],$_[2])}sub be{$_=$_[0];p
"naxfcixz");$_=$q; $q=~
tr/f[a-z]/ [l-za-k]
;sub p{

be $mine for @ever


I remind you that this is working Python if you’ve made the appropriate definitions:
from Russia import bride

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A reminder that most weirdly-formatted Perl looks better in an editor such as vim with colour syntax highlighting.

Cool. You could even do:
from easterneurope import lapdancer
That works just as good…
– dpj

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