The Proposal Style of Python

I wrote about The Breakup Style of PowerPoint,
in which I talked about how I suspect that office culture and
PowerPoint style is behind the rash of email breakups I’d been hearing
about lately. It’s only fair to also talk about how people use
computers to do the opposite, namely proposing marriage.

Snaggy from the Joy of Tech webcomic writes:

When we heard that Forum member and SuperFan
“angryjungman” was thinking of popping the question, we offered to make
it a very special day by letting him use the Joy of Tech comic as his
proposal medium. After discussing it with Tony and coming up with an
idea, we set out to work. Using photo references, Nitrozac turned the
young couple into comic illustrations, and depicted a cute story line
in which Tony calls his girlfriend over to his computer to read some
code that he has written. The Python code she reads is actually a
proposal, including an ASCII text art engagement ring…

The initial “cliffhanger” comic is here, and if you read the final comic, you’ll find out that she said “yes”. Congrats, guys!

Although I am a programmer by trade and hobby and really like
Python, I’ll probably not opt for this route. The accordion may be
involved, however.

I look forward to reading various critiques of Tony’s Python code on
the newsgroups. Even I, a rather non-pendantic person by programmer
standards, looked at the code and said “Why’d he do it that way?”,
knowing full well that it was writen with Steph in mind, not the Python

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“Wow. The king has a really neat throne. Very comfy. A guy could get used to….
WHOA! Sword overhead! Dangling from a bitty string! Crap, who put that there?!”

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