Secret Asian Man on Asian Guys in Movies

While in Boston, I’m hoping to catch Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle with Wendy. (Let it be known that my friend Dhimant “Bhundi” Patel and I were Harold and Kumar back at Crazy Go Nuts University in the 90’s.)

I thought I’d go look at Tak Toyoshima’s comic, Secret Asian Man, to see if he’d have any commentary on the movie. He didn’t, but he had this somewhat-related comic

Maybe Harold and my main man Jet Li in Hero will help fix that.

(And hey, I’ve done my part for Asian dudes on TV.)

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So Dhimant:
I was dating you while you and Joey were Harold and Kumar and I have been trying to contact you ever since. Apparently noone knows where you are …hmmm curious, there’s a picture of you here…
email me, would you peanut

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