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The Saga of the Secret Swing Continues!

BoingBoing links to Chris’ blog entry about the Secret Swing, in which he — presumably after reading BoingBoing, who found out from me, who found out from Rannie
— and two friends give the swing a try. Chris wisely does what I did:
put an attractive young lady on the swing and take pictures.

In case you’re visiting Toronto, the alleyway in which you’ll find the
swing is just south of Queen Street West and runs parallel to it. Its
west end is at Bathurst and its easternmost terminus is at Spadina (just a couple of blocks south of my house); the swing is in an alcove in the north wall of the stretch between Denison and Spadina.

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I tried out your directions (and the swing!) on lunch, since my office is around the corner. FYI, Augusta is closer than Dennison for swing access – and given that it was still swinging a little when I showed up, I’m guessing there will be a number of people hunting down the “secret” this weekend!

Yes. But who is the attractive young lady, and where can I see more pictures of her on swings?

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