Stuff from really cool Blogware blogs, part 1: Suw Charman breaks the news about Shatner covering Pulp!

Suw (who used to be “Sue” until a misprint in an academic paper transformed her name forever) Charman, one of the regulars on the #joiito IRC channel, points to this report that one of my musical idols, Ben Folds, is collaborating on an album with The Original Starfleet Captain, William Shatner, on a new album, titled Has Been. A substantial snippet of his cover of Pulp’s late-nineties hit, Common People, is available online [QuickTime link]. It’s awesome: Shatner does the verses in his trademark Shatnerian reading, with Joe Jackson doing the vocal wailing for the chorus, and surprisingly, it works.

I will buy this album the day it comes out.

Special message to Wil Wheaton: Are
you just gonna sit there? What say you and I collaborate? I’ll play
accordion, you sing or recite, and I thought we’d do an awesome cover
of Army by
Ben Folds (or whatever song you think would work well for us). I’ll bet
we could raise the funds for a recording session via our blogs and
PayPal. Whaddaya think?

For more stuff from Suw, be sure to check out her Blogware-powered blog, Chocolate and Vodka, at

6 replies on “Stuff from really cool Blogware blogs, part 1: Suw Charman breaks the news about Shatner covering Pulp!”

Good God. “It’s a big world… so many new life forms (IN MY PANTS!)”
I would also pay good money (cash American, even) for Has Been, just for the title alone. Now, if only Wil can sing or is willing to recite, your project is a natural. What will you call it? Geek ‘N Rocker Polka Trek?
There I go, caught laughing uncontrollably at work again, and midyear reviews due today. I am so boned. Thanks a big ol’ bunch, Joey.

Hi. I’m Wil, and I don’t login.
I’m partial to One Angry Dwarf, myself.
You know how to get in touch, if you’re serious.
ROCK \m/

Wil, baby, I’m serious as all get-out. I think this would be a killer collaboration, and maybe we could use it as a way of raising funds for a good cause. Whaddaya think?
P.S. Your mom on ST:TNG was hawwwwwwwt.

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