Elektronik Supersonik

Will Rigby of the guitar band The dB’s
once remarked that “Giving
synthesizers to the Europeans was like giving whiskey to the Indians”.
In the case of one Zladko “Zlad” Vladcik, he may have been right.

I’ve posted a frame from the video for his song Elektronik Supersonik below, but to experience the full cheese, you’ve got to watch the video (Flash required)

The trying-to-be-sexy-but-failing space-age-sex lyrics are sung in a language that’s trying-to-be-English-but-failing:

  • “My blue jeans eez tight, so eento my love rocket climb.”
  • “Above us, there eez notheenk above us…but the stars…above.”
  • “5…4…3…1…off blast!” (Yes, he skipped “2”.)

  • Fly away my space rocket,
    you no need put money in my pocket
    the door is closed I just lock it
    I put my birthplug in your socket”

You’ll get a kick out of the full lyrics, which are here.

This guy sounds just the way I imagine Vlad the robot from Achewood does.

(Here’s a copy located in my blog’s filesystem, just in case they’ve taken down the video.)

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I think the song was meant to be a joke. The lyrics are so cheesy they couldn’t be anything but. And the accent sounds fake.

Oh, it’s a joke (the lyrics get increasingly ridiculous as the song progresses), but it’s just on the edge of believable.

Hehehe… given the sample of (what is presumably) the indigenous music at, I’m not surprised this track would go platinum….
…and I am especially in awe of his wicked technique on the synth! I’ll have to find a way to slow down the video playback so I can pick out the notes he plays after the lyrics:

The sun in sky is bright like fire.
You and me get higher and higher.

It’s amazing… I hear the notes going down, but it looks like he’s playing UP… with one finger, yet! What a talent! I don’t know whether to be inspired to practice more, or to be so depressed that I sell all my gear.
(thanks for the laugh, Joey… almost spit pop out of my nose when I watched this the first time… :^) )

My younger colleagues in the office are going to spit coffee onto their keyboards a little later today …. mwahahahaha.

Yeah, Joey. We can tell that you’re just jealous that you don’t yet have a fully digital accordion. Once your big big blogware stock cashes in, we’ll probably see the canadian accordion version … “Eh?lectronique Sioux Personique” …

Dudes, you didn’t see true meaning of this coolest video. This is really very good and cheesy parodie on Soviet and eastern Europe sci-fi movies of 1970-1980 years. It’s movies of my childhood, so i know what I say. =)

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