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The Ultimate Culmination Of Working Stiffdom

And to think I almost missed it!

I was getting started on a report for Boss Ross when I noted the date: July 14th.

“Hey, it’s Bastille Day,”
I thought to myself. Bastille Day is also the birthday of my friend
Henry Dziarmaga. Years ago, Henry and I — over several zombies — came
up with the theory that in an infinite multiverse, there must be one
universe in which people watch our lives as TV shows and therefore we
must live in such a way to keep our ratings up.

Then it hit me: I started working at Tucows on Bastille Day last year. This is my first anniversary.

It doesn’t feel as though it’s been a year. I enjoy my work immensely,
Boss Ross and my mates in the Research and Innovation Department Darryl
and Scott are great to work with, and it’s so enjoyable that I only hit
the snooze button when I’ve been out partying the night before.

I think I’ll be here a while.

(The title of this entry is a play on the The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software, which is what “Tucows” originally stood for.)

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