It Happened to Me Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

But cockroaches are low-carb!

One piece of advice I got from my personal trainer (who, like 30 pounds of me, vanished never to be seen again) was to pick a meal plan (“Don’t say ‘diet‘, dude, call it a ‘meal plan‘,”
he’d always say) that worked and stick to it like glue. He also said
that the best way to stick to a meal plan was to have a once-a-week
“cheat day” where you could relax the rules and eat what you liked —
as long as you stuck to the meal plan for the rest of the week and
worked out often.

My “cheat day” was actually just a “cheat meal” at Chinatown Centre,
located only half a block from my house. They have an all-Chinese food
court, and I enjoy the friend rice, chinese pork and General Tso
chicken from the “any 5 items for $2.99” counter, where they know me

That all changed with the news that the entire food court got shut down
by the health department, who made mention of “uninspected poultry”
sold by an “unlicensed meat store”.

Given my exposure to their stuff, I’m probably immune to food poisoning now.

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The “friend rice” should have been your first clue that perhaps there was something not entirely kosher (so to speak) about the food there…. 🙂

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