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Boston Bound

Me and The Redhead. It’s good to be the king.

Tomorrow, I fly out to Boston to visit The Redhead. There’s a gathering tomorrow night at Clery’s for beer and dinner — feel free to drop by!

Gotta love how straightforward Boston food cart signage is. They also have carts marked “COOKED MEAT” and “LIQUID IN CANS AND BOTTLES”.

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Dude, there is a REASON Toronto doesn’t do the same thing. Who’d buy something under the sign “fries soaked in goo” or “waffle balls” or “peameal bacon sandwiches”?

That’s “backbacon sandwiches” (since you don’t have to have pea meal on it), and I would (and do) buy such sandwiches.
Heck, Harvey’s is selling ’em now. (crappy flash-only websites…)
We did, however, rename Brewer’s Retail to The Beer Store.

When you come here next, we’re going to St. Lawrence Market, and you’ll have to try a bite of my tasty peameal bacon on a bun.

Evidently, it works with people here, though. Driving past a Harvey’s a couple days ago with some friends, and seeing that they’re selling backbacon now… a unanimous verdict of “Dude, we have to eat there” was arrived at.

Harvey’s understands the meaties! I love their last ad campaign:
“Fire. Meat. Good.”

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