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I hate it when someone beats me to a good joke

Last Sunday, Paul, The Redhead and I were enjoying an Atkins-friendly meat-a-riffic lunch at the Korean Grill House when Paul mentioned something about having your cake and eating it too.

Paul and I had recently seen the Dalai Lama at SkyDome,

and the bit about his interest in quantum physics must’ve stuck in my

brain. “Sure, you can have your cake and eat it too,” I quipped, “…if

it’s quantum cake!”

This amused Paul and I to no end; Wendy just shook her head at the

transformation of her boyfriend from sexy high-functioning geek to drooling Monty Python movie-quoter.

Later, I decided to Google the phrase “quantum cake”

to see if I’d come up with a truly original joke that would eventually

find its way to the web and earn me fame, fortune, money for nothing

and chicks for free. (It’s happened once before, and my joke pops up from time to time.)

It turns out that I’m almost original. Google returned a single page of results, one of which is this scientific paper on the subject (here’s the PDF version, and here’s an HTML conversion).

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