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Good News, Bad News

The good news: Dad is better now, and he was released from the hospital today at noon.

The bad news: My maternal

grandfather, Saturnino Ador Dionisio II, who’s in his early nineties,

isn’t doing so well. The situation is such that my mother and her two

brothers, all of whom live either in Toronto or relatively nearby, have

booked a flight for Manila.

We had a “Welcome back, Dodo” (“Dodo” is the way my nephew Aidan

mispronounces “Lolo”, which is Tagalog for “grandfather”) / “Bon Voyage

Yoya” (“Yoya” is how Aidan mispronounces “Lola” — “grandmother” in

Tagalog) dinner tonight. Mom flies out tomorrow — safe

trip, Mom.

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My prayers go out to your whole family. It’s funny how one day you look and your parents are these old people.

I had a turning point last year – my Dad had been in the hospital (catheterized) and needed to wear a diaper the first few days out. I had to help him put it on and since I had a 2-year-old daughter at the time, I was struck by the fact that suddenly I was the adult. It was depressing.

My dad died last month after a protracted fight with heart problems and Alzheimers. Draw close to your family while you can. All the best to them.

The other Eldon

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family; I am glad to hear that your father is out of the hospital. May your mother and uncles have safe flights, as well.

Warm regards,

–Kim H.

(from Mizzkyttie’s Mind)

I’m sorry to hear of all that’s been happening with the health of your dad and your grandfather. Hope the flight to Manila today went safely for your mom and her brothers.

Peace to you and your family, Joey.

– Julie Leung

Sad news, Joey. But what an awesome name your grandfather had: Saturnino Ador Dionisio II?!?!

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