Carnival of the Canucks #18 at Vicki’s "Just in From Cowtown"

I’m a day late announcing the newest entry in the Carnival of the Canucks, the regular linkfest of Canadian blogs. Vicki Smith is ringleading this one — be sure to see her entry, as well as the rest of her blog, Just in From Cowtown!

(Sorry for being a bit tardy, Vicki. Been busy.)

Once again, credit goes to David “Ranting and Roaring” Janes for ringleading the Carnival.

One reply on “Carnival of the Canucks #18 at Vicki’s "Just in From Cowtown"”

I was glad to hear your dad was feeling better, and I understand how concerned you are now with your grandfather’s health. In the grand scheme of things, Carnivals just don’t matter–nor should they.

Any chance you can make the trip to Manilla? My uncle died this week, and while I don’t really feel so bad about not going in for his funeral, I am really sad that I did not get to talk to him before he passed on.

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