Happy Pesach, everybody!

Especially you, sweetie.

In the News It Happened to Me

Another member of the Crazy Go Nuts University "Media Mafia"

I always noted that there was something familiar about the writings of one Father Raymond J. De Souza — he read a little bit like one Ray De Souza, an economics major whom I knew from my old days at Crazy Go Nuts University. Ray and I met through our work at the Queen’s Journal

and if I recall correctly, I believe he enjoyed my comics (a

free-for-all equal-opportunity skewering of the student government),

and I think I remember saying something complimentary about his “the

Conservative Party will rise again” op-ed (written just after the 1993

elections, when they were reduced from the majority party to one with

two seats in the House of Commons).

(I think I also used to razz him with economist jokes.)

A little Googling confirmed my hunch: Father Raymond De Souza, contributor to the National Post, National Review

and other right-of-centre publications is the same guy as Ray De Souza,

Young Conservative About Campus and fellow member of the Crazy Go Nuts

University Media Mafia (a more politically-diverse group than you might


Ray’s still as strident as ever, and thankfully he didn’t become an economist. I’m going to have to drop the old boy a line!


I’m back…

…and will have more to blog later tonight. In the meantime, may I direct your attention to…


Boston gathering tonight

The last time I called a Boston get-together, Skadz was quick to point out that Grendel’s is not in Boston proper, but is actually located in the People’s Republic of Cambridge. This time, the gathering will be at Clery’s, which is on the Boston side of the Charles.

(It’s proof of Jane Jacobs’ theories — a large enough discontinuity in the city landscape, whether it be a park, expressway, or river, really does create a barrier that’s as effective as a wall.)

But rnough urban theory. The gathering is at Clery’s and it starts at 8:30. I’d give out directions, but my knowledge of Boston geography is somewhat lacking. Here’s a map, in case you need one.

Fun will ensue!

In the News

Not bad for Day One

I remember hearing about Air America Radio

in the news, but it was its mention in the #joiito channel on

irc.freenode.net that led me to tune into the streaming broadcast. I

caught Al Franken’s and Randi Rhodes’ shows…not bad.


Berkman blogger meeting tonight / Drinking tomorrow

As of four-ish this afternoon, I will be in Boston/Cambridge and at seven this evening, I’ll be attending the Berkman Thursday night blogger meeting, which will be chaired by The Redhead, as Dave Winer

is away. Dinner will follow the meeting. If you’d like to catch up, or

perhaps request an accordion tune, drop by, either in person, or on the

#bloggercon channel on irc.freenode.net.

Tomorrow evening, there’ll be a gathering at a Boston (and I mean

Boston, not the People’s Republic of Cambridge) bar to be named. Watch

this space for details.

It Happened to Me Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

Paging Mr. Godot [Updated]

I’m still awaiting a return message from Russell Smith’s friend. Russell, if you recall, is the Globe and Mail columnist whom I excoriated in this entry.

In a comment not related to the entry for which it was posted (a number

of people are using comments as a means of just dropping me a line —

guys, that’s what email is for), a friend of Russell’s wrote:

Not related to the topic but I’d like

to respond to something you wrote in September (I just found it):

“Here’s the deal. If you see Russ in some bar, go buy a drink. Then

walk up to him and throw it in his face. I’ll reimburse you and take

you out for drinks. Sound cool?”

I’d like to invite you to have a drink with Russell and I.  I

mentioned your blog to him, yesterday and he’d like to meet you. 

We’ll buy you a drink and I promise we won’t throw it in your face.  So. If you’re not a big pussy please respond to [email address]

to arrange this.  (I don’t know if you currently live in Toronto

or not but if you don’t but you’re planning to visit just set the time

for us).

That comment was posted on February 16th, and I replied via email the

next day (I’m not a “big pussy”, after all). A month and a half has

passed, and still no reply. Really, I’d love to meet Russell and hear

his side.


Russell’s friend got in touch with me, and he’s got a lot of stuff to

do for the next little while, so the meeting of minds will have to

wait. Perhaps later this year, when patio season truly begins!

Another email I sent that has gone unanswered went to one Andrew Babian, whom you might remember from this blog entry. I sent him a very short message:

Would you mind not calling my girlfriend, Wendy Koslow, a slut?

I thought I’d go the polite route, letting the proverb about flies,

honey and vinegar be my guide. I fired off this message yesterday, and

it may be too early to expect any sort of response. An apology to The

Redhead would satisfy me.