Berkman blogger meeting tonight / Drinking tomorrow

As of four-ish this afternoon, I will be in Boston/Cambridge and at seven this evening, I’ll be attending the Berkman Thursday night blogger meeting, which will be chaired by The Redhead, as Dave Winer

is away. Dinner will follow the meeting. If you’d like to catch up, or

perhaps request an accordion tune, drop by, either in person, or on the

#bloggercon channel on

Tomorrow evening, there’ll be a gathering at a Boston (and I mean

Boston, not the People’s Republic of Cambridge) bar to be named. Watch

this space for details.

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Sir, your URL appeared on my webjournal via blogsnob. Having surveyed the scene, I feel both impressed and honoured.

One accordion question: does one distinguish between the accordion (as played by the Swedish chef in the Muppets) and what is called the Piano Accordion round here? Enlighten a good keen kiwi gal and make her day.

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