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Another member of the Crazy Go Nuts University "Media Mafia"

I always noted that there was something familiar about the writings of one Father Raymond J. De Souza — he read a little bit like one Ray De Souza, an economics major whom I knew from my old days at Crazy Go Nuts University. Ray and I met through our work at the Queen’s Journal

and if I recall correctly, I believe he enjoyed my comics (a

free-for-all equal-opportunity skewering of the student government),

and I think I remember saying something complimentary about his “the

Conservative Party will rise again” op-ed (written just after the 1993

elections, when they were reduced from the majority party to one with

two seats in the House of Commons).

(I think I also used to razz him with economist jokes.)

A little Googling confirmed my hunch: Father Raymond De Souza, contributor to the National Post, National Review

and other right-of-centre publications is the same guy as Ray De Souza,

Young Conservative About Campus and fellow member of the Crazy Go Nuts

University Media Mafia (a more politically-diverse group than you might


Ray’s still as strident as ever, and thankfully he didn’t become an economist. I’m going to have to drop the old boy a line!

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