It Happened to Me

Another Pic From My Employee Review

Ross: So, would you like to start off by making a statement?

Me: As a matter of fact, I would.

Ross: Go ahead.

Me: I would like to warn you

that I have taken some special precautions. If at any point I find that

I do not like the way the review is going, I have a sniper who’s taken

a position in the rafters who will shoot you.

Ross: I’m going to call you bluff and kick your ass to the curb. You are now the former Technical Community Development Coordinator, my friend.

Me (into hidden lapel mic): Blofeld to Jaws: Eliminate Mr. Bond.

Ross: You don’t scare me with your fakety-fake “supervillain” act, Mister Accodion Chu–ACK!

Thanks to Andy “termie” Smith for the pic!

One reply on “Another Pic From My Employee Review”

It’s okay boys and girls. I survived Joey’s sneak attack. He forgot about my special Kevlar Tucows shirt.

Tradeshow schwag…feh. Think again!!

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