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[ via The Meatriarchy ] “Fluorescent” is Korean slang used to describe someone who takes a

little bit longer to get the joke. Well, that’s the kind way of putting


(Think about how fluorescent tubes light up when you turn them on and the derivation of the expression will become clear.)

Adam Daifallah seems like a pretty sharp guy, but as we all do from time to time, he had a moment of fluorescence:

Until now I have always defended Ann Coulter against her detractors,

many of them my own (often conservative) friends. I find her writing

style crisp, original, and not to mention hilarious. I especially love

her acerbic barbs at Ted Kennedy.

But I’m afraid in the last two

weeks she’s crossed the boundaries of good fun and good taste to the

land of the indefensible/despicable. What really put me over the edge

was this line from her column last week on The Passion:


nice to people is, in fact, one of the incidental tenets of

Christianity (as opposed to other religions whose tenets are more along

the lines of “kill everyone who doesn’t smell bad and doesn’t answer to

the name Mohammed”).

I mean, that is just unbelivable. It

is beyond the pale. It crosses the line. She was always pushing the

limits before, but she seems to have kicked it up yet another notch —

and her column this week, also on The Passion and tearing a strip off New York Times columnist William Safire, isn’t much better.

Ah, the old “wogs smell bad” canard. I thought that was a thing of the seventies,

when I was a “New Canadian” and taking weekly lumps from the Sons of

the Family Compact for the crime of having been born elsewhere. And the “all Muslims are jihadis” stuff is a bit much.

Well, Adam, better late to the party than not showing up, I always say.

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This sort of observation on a political blogger confirmed for me (IMHO) again that if bloggers are now to be taken as journalists because they say so, then it is the digital grocery store check-out sort of newspapers that are being emulated for the most part.


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