Neuromancer audiobook, read by William Gibson, online

At some point during Gideon Straussblogger convivium last Christmas, I mentioned to him that I used to like programming while listening to a set of MP3s of William Gibson reading Neuromancer.

I kept them on my OpenCola-issued laptop while I worked there, and I

forgot to make a backup copy before dutifully handing it back when I

got laid off.

Gideon, a Gibson fan, asked me to let him know if I ever found more

copies. I’d forgotten about his request until this past weekend, and a

little Googling found me this site and this site, which has 8 MP3s, representing four 90-minute cassettes of the Neuromancer audiobook.

According to this page on the William Gibson Aleph, U2 — one of Gideon’s favourite bands — contributed a track to the audiobook.

Gideon, everyone: enjoy!

“The sky above the port was the the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel…”

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dear joey and dave,

hi. this eldons freind from the other night at the gladstone/cadilac who was hanging on your acordian. heres your late morning after sorry I made an ass of myself flowers.

trumept city!


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