It Happened to Me

My favourite photo of the vacation

…and surprise, surprise, it’s not a photo of me or an accordion. It’s one of The Redhead,

taken at the supermarket. We’d just finished some breakfast and were

about to start shopping for ingredients for a New Year’s Eve dinner

when I said “Hey, hold that pose.”

Photo: The Redhead, taken December 31, 2003 at Loblaws Queens Quay, Toronto, Canada.

As I mentioned earlier, she was an excellent travelling companion and a lovely wedding date. Plus, she’s been writing such nice stuff about me!

If wonder if Jason and Meg were this sicky-sweet.

3 replies on “My favourite photo of the vacation”

hey! I think it’s awesome that you have someone who is nice and sweet (and not psychotic). I don’t think you are being too cute in the least. but then again comming from me I;m not one to judge obnoxious cutness.

She’s got a Renaissance painting subject look about her, quite classical. I’ll bet you’ll be able to find a painting by one of the Dutch masters that resembles Red.

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