Carnival of the Canucks, Part 8: Eight Comic Books!

Photo: 'Let's Go...CANADA!' poster from WWII.

And finally, the last part of my contribution to Carnival of the Canucks. Hope all these links give you lots of reading and entertainment over the holidays!

Damn, that Matt Goyer is one righteous dude. He interviewed at both Amazon and Microsoft and got job offers from both! Even better, he took notes!

(He took the offer from Microsoft. Congrats, Matt!)

Speaking of righteous dudes, here’s Gideon Strauss, whose blogger convivium I attended last Saturday (and forgot about the time, which means I’ve have to catch up with Sean and Keitha at Ashley’s and Chris’ wedding in Canmore). I’ve mentioned before about how he likes to ask The Big Questions, one of which is “Why do you get up in the morning?”.

Ghost of a Flea points out…egad…another William Shatner album?!

Anne Galloway of Purse Lip Square Jaw writes about machines never forgetting.

And finally: Shame on the Liberal Party for trying to shut down a blog that makes fun of Federal Liberal Party Leader and Not-So-Honourable Prime Minister Paul Martin.

I’d like to thank David Janes for inviting me to write this installment of Carnival of the Canucks. It was an honour and a privilege!

Be on the lookout for next week’s edition, hosted by Jim “Blogs Canada/Officially Unofficial” Elve!

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Little does the world know that Mysterion the Mind reader once played in an Oi! Punk band “The Blatherskites” and used that image for the cover of the compilation of canadian Oi! bands that were on the record!!!


That is in fact true. The Blatherskites in many different formations played from 1995-1998. Past members included Steve Saint (The Sinisters) Phil Page (Downbelows) and Taras (Glorystompers and Red Light Rippers) as well as many many drunken more!!!!

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