Carnival of the Canucks: Errata and additions

In this post, I reported — in reference to the YULBloggers — that YUL is the airport code for Montreal’s Mirabel airport. Aaron informs me that YUL is actually the code for Pierre Elliott Trudeau (formerly Dorval) airport, and YMX is the code for Mirabel.

As you may have guessed, I never fly to Montreal — I either drive or take the train.

I managed to forget to add one link, so here it is. Striding Cloud makes the same observation that I did while watching The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: the “Riders of Rohan vs. the Elephants” battle scene feels like an homage (or, if you’re more cynical, a rip-off) of the “Snowspeeders vs. the Imperial Walkers” battle scene from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I was half-expecting Eowyn to yell out “Use your tow cables and go for their legs!” The Legolas bits in that battle were pure Luke Skywalker — so much that George Lucas should be in tears, exclaiming “Finally someone steals an idea from me!“.

However, I couldn’t figure out the sense of deja vu that I got when he slid down the elephant’s trunk in his classic “Sk8r Elf” style until I read Striding Cloud’s post: it’s the same thing Fred Flintstone does in the title sequence for The Flintstones! If only Legolas screamed “Yabba-Dabba-Doo!” while doing it…

In this post, I made a reference to “Boston’s Deepest Blogger”. The problem is, I originally didn’t link to the right blog. The error has been corrected, but let me state for the record that Jay “Makeoutcity” McCarthy is Boston’s Deepest Blogger.

The title of Boston’s Cutest Blogger goes to The Redhead, of course.

Once again, my thanks to David “Ranting and Roaring” Janes for organizing the Carnival, and to all the Canadian bloggers for providing me with such rich linking material.

It would appear that the Carnival has a logo:

Photo: Carnival of the Canucks logo.

David’s also provided a schedule for the next few Carnivals:

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