Carnival of the Canucks, Part 7: Seven Packs of Smokes

Photo: John Candy, from 'Canadian Bacon'.

Her name is Raymi, and yes, she is a minx. Not safe for work, because she has a predilection for posting pictures of herself, many of which are saucy shots of her in various states of undress. Strangely enough, I discovered her blog by way of L.A. blogger Tony Pierce. The current page (there don’t seem to be any permalinks) has a photo — and I remind you, not safe for work — that I’m certain Ray and Roast Beef from Achewood would appreciate.

What would Brian Boitano blog? My best guess is that if Brian Boitano had a blog, it would be rather like, better known as The Goluboy Chronicles. “Fresh and frooty” in every sense of the phrase, Goluboy (Russian slang for “gay”) is as visually mish-mashed as Times Square, Picadilly Circus or Shibuya, but just as info-dense. In addition to daily entries, there are also a good number of music and movie reviews that I often go by.

Mention The Hebrew Hammer, and suddenly, he’s everywhere! While at a Christmas party for Tucows’ Marketing, Product Management and Research and Innovation (The! Best! Department! Ever!) departments, I made mention of The Hebrew Hammer to Greg Frank, who was looking for some Chanukah viewing for a quiet December 25th. I also mentioned it to The Redhead, who’d never heard of it, either. But Marc “Weissblogg” Weisblott, who rants so well, has, and uses it as a launching point for ranting about “Jewsploitation” — the Jewish version of Blaxploitation, as in Shaft Super Fly et al.. There are no permalinks on his blog, but this rant is the top story as I write this. Just read the whole page; he’s a mensch, and it’s all good.

(A little note: if they ever invent “Flipsploitation”, I’m hoping for a role similar to Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch. When we played “Starsky and Hutch” as kids, I was the only one who wanted to be Huggy — he was cooler than Starsky and Hutch combined.)

“A” from The Meatriarchy seems to be a bit down on Accordion City: he says that this description of Portland, Oregon reminds him of our fair city. I get the feeling that what would make A happy might make me miserable, and since I’m the damn mayor of Accordion City, I shall invoke my powers and say “Hey buddy, there’s the door…”

I’ve never had a client tell me “You are very rude…I hope you burn in Hell”, but Eva has. Eva has great stories from the world of customer support.

Where would we be without hastily scribbled notes on serviettes? First of all, a “serviette” is Brit/Canuck English for what others may call a “napkin”. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you may not realize the number of ideas that were born on a serviette — the Laffer curve (a cornerstone of conservative economics), the lyrics for several pop and rock songs and the El Torrito spec, which made CD-ROMs that PCs could boot from, to name a few. Now Michael O’Connor Clarke, in his blog, Uninstalled (formerly I Love Me, Vol. I) shows us serviettes that make the whole planning process easier.

Roland Tanglao: Tech news maven, Blogware reseller, all-round cool guy. I finally got a chance to meet him at BloggerCon!

A media whore like me never forgets his first interview, and mine was with David Akin. It was over cans of Guiness in our hotel room at the Luxor Hotel in Vegas, where he was interviewed me about a VB-based video slurping-and-stremaing project that I worked on with Chris Cummer. He suggested we make up hacker names for the interview (this was for an article on the DefCon conference), and I went by “Rice Cube”. Heh.

David has an interesting report on the popularity of Apple in Tokyo and one on how it’s harder to get a job at an Apple Store than it is to get into Stanford. He also a posting about how Canadians would rather pay for WiFi by the hour than by the day, according to a study by Decima Research. My fellow Canadians, that is just crazy talk.

Speaking of WiFi and blogging, be sure to check out WIFLblog!

Whether or not you agree with the war effort, you’ve got to say that this guy’s generosity is nothing short of amazing. A filet mignon on a flaming sword to you, sir, and to The Blog Quebecois for pointing it out!

Breakfast never looked so pretty! Aaron Straup Cope’s This is Aaronland features a gorgeous photo illustrating what he learned about breakfast from the Italians.

If you are a lover of pop and rock, add Overheard at the Bar to your daily reading right now!

If the relationship between culture and technology, especially internet technology, is of interest to you, Paul Kelly’s As We Know It should be part of your daily reading.

And last, but not least for this entry, let me tell you about Accordion City’s supreme photoblogger, Rannie “PhotoJunkie” Turingan and his incredibly cool Advent calendar. I was supposed to submit something, but things have been a little bit crazy at work lately. Perhaps next year?

Next: the last installment of my contribution to Carnival of the Canucks!

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maligayang pasko pare!

thanks for the link and if you are ever in vangroovy, i’ll make sure that i get some sleep beforehand (unlike BloggerCon) and i can show u Vancouver in a proper stylee!

But seriously, Meatriarch, what didn’t you like? Was it city living, or Toronto in particular? Would you have been equally unsatisfied living in New York City?


I lived in Toronto for over 20 years and that included: the Annex, Rosedale, The Beaches, Chinatown, Downtown and Kensington Market.

I just did the whole “city” thing to death.

I don’t hate Toronto but there is a certain smugness about a city that refers to itself as “the good” that has always annoyed me.

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