Carnival of the Canucks!

The music blog Switching to Glide (named after the Kings song of the same name) is the current host of Carnival of the Canucks, which is:

a weekly roundup of the best posts from Canadian blogs. Carnival of the Canucks is a weblog collaboration design to gain exposure for blogs and posts you may not have seen during your regular week’s readings. The Carnival will be hosted at a different blog every week. Each week’s host blogger is responsible for gathering their favorite posts and posting their Carnival on Tuesdays.

Carnival of the Canucks is modeled on Carnival of the Vanities and Carnival of the Capitalists, so have a look at those if you need more info.

This week’s inaugural edition has a theme: The $6.99 Breakfast and covers all manner of goodies by all manner of Canadian Bloggers, some you undoubtedly know, and some you might have never read before.

This week’s edition was compiled by David “Ranting and Roaring” Janes, Mike “The Campblog” Campbell and Alan “GenX at 40” McLeod.

Next week’s edition, the just-in-time for Christmas edition, will be compiled by the proud Canadian pictured below:

Cue the stereo screams from opposite ends of the political spectrum: Kathy shaking her fists at Heaven, crying out “Dear God, not Accordion Chump!” and Deenster, her face buried in her hands, asking “Isn’t his ego already big enough?”

But seriously, folks, it’s a honour to be asked to host next week’s Carnival of the Canucks. If you see a particularly noteworthy blog entry written by someone based in Canada between now and next Tuesday, let me know, either via the comments for this post or by email. I’ll add it to an extra-special category that I’ll create just for this occasion.

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I’ll make a point of having something really interesting happen to me over the next week and then blog it.

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