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Kickass Karaoke tonight

It’s the Wednesday closest to the middle of the month, which means once again it’s time for Kickass Karaoke! All sorts of people — suits, geeks, goths, punkers, rockers, Roxette fans, and yes, Meryle the Hot Tub Girl — will be there.

(Check out this sliced-up picture from the last Kickass Karaoke, featuring Meryle, me and Peter.)

Kickass Karaoke starts tonight at about 9:30 at the Bovine Sex Club (542 Queen Street West, about half a block east of Bathurst) and runs until after last call.

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I have no idea where he went to high school, but you might recognize him if you saw the Toronto production of Mamma Mia — he played the part of “Sky”.

Hmm, Mr. Accordion Guy, I thought you looked familiar when I kept seeing you with your accordion at the Rivoli on several Kickass Karaoke nights

Are you not the one who used to lead loyal Clark Hall Pub patrons on a round of ‘Kumbaya’ during equipment farkups during your DJing stint, and wrote for both Golden Words and The Journal?

Are you not, in fact, DJ Joey of Clark Hall Pub fame?

You may not remember me, but I remember drunkenly dancing many fine nights of ‘alternative’, goth-industrial, UK indie music, etc. away at Clark with my friends while you and DJ Jenn made my two years at Queen’s infinitely more enjoyable by providing a much-needed break from classes.

Good to see you’re still around, I’ll have to say hi the next time I see you at Kickass.

Krantzstone (a.k.a. ‘rude boy‘ from Golden Words)

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