It Happened to Me

Don’t call the movers just yet

The real estate market here in Accordion City has been described as “soft”, and the daily stream of real estate agents and their gaudy brooches (is that some kind of dress code requirement?) coming into my house has dried into a trickle. The “FOR SALE” sign remains on our front lawn and our landlord still clings to the vain hope that he can sell the house for CDN$200,000 more than the next-most-expensive (but equally nice) house on the block.

Don’t get me wrong: I love the house. It’s a nice place in a location that for my needs is pretty sweet, but let’s face it: the price is just too damned steep for a place that breaks the Cardinal Rule of Real Estate — it’s the best house on a bad street. (By “bad street”, I mean that half the houses are one bad fuse away from going up in a puff of smoke.)

If you’re a sucker adventurous real estate speculator, you can go take a peek at the online listing for the house, complete with photos.

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