Back when my buddy George and I were in Crazy Go Nuts University, we used to say “Yeah…girls…geez” a lot. I’ve since adopted that lament as one of the this blog’s categories. All dating-related stories will fall under this category, and you can access it by going to this blog’s main page and clicking the “Life” link under “Topics” in the left -hand column. You’ll be taken to the “Life” category. “Yeah…girls…geez” is a subcategory of “Life”; click on “Yeah…girls…geez” under “Topics” in the “Life” section to see all its stories.

From FARK: The Washington Post has a story on Modern Flirting and how women and girls are more aggressive than they used to be.

I dare you to resist visiting a site named

The BarBitches pick up where Ann Landers and Emily Post left off, providing modern-day etiquette lessons for bars and other social venues. If you’re not sure how to appropriately interact with others–people you want to talk to, people you want to sleep with, and people you want to get the hell away from–or if you’re just sick of seeing bad behavior when you go out, is your new bible.

The BarBitches dream of a world where everyone knows how to properly order a drink, signal interest to an attractive stranger, figure out when and when not to make a move, politely signal non-interest, and properly conduct a hook-up from start to finish.

I’ve already finished telling the story of my worst date ever. I have four or five dates that I would consider to be my best, but one in particular is the most tellable, especially since it goes from disaster to success in a very odd way. It’s also tellable because it happened so long ago that anyone involved probably won’t mind my telling the story. Anyone want to hear it?

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that’s like asking a ‘friends’ watcher (back in 95) if they’re sure they wanted to see the season premiere and find out whether ross and rachel would finally hook up…….

That’s a silly question and you know it. Of course we want to hear the story. Quit stalling.

Your just teasing and you know it! Of course, it would be nice to read about your successes with women for a change. A quality guy like you… I was wondering if you’re cursed.

Of course we want to read your story. Bring it on!

BTW, I am Javier, but do not want to register.

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