Give this man a job

Michael O’Connor Clarke was let go by his firm two days ago. He’s nice, he’s smart, he’s got a family and he has both the Accordion Guy and AKMA seals of approval (C’mon — approved by both a priest and a guy like me? Michael’s got to be all right). Someone, go hire him.

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Thanks Joey.

I might take this opportunity to point out that, in addition to the attributes you’ve so kindly catalogued, I also now have an overview bio online (to be updated with the full CV as soon as the last lot get around to packing up and sending on all my personal effects from the office).

I found out earlier today that all of my family photos and my kids’ artwork is still all hanging on the walls of my old office. They asked me to leave immediately, but the deal was they were supposed to pack my stuff and send it over the next day. Can you imagine how much it sucks to know that the wonderful pictures my terrific kids made for me are hanging there in that empty office, with the stink of death on it…?

Bitter? Moi?


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