Now all we have to do is wait until people start saying Atkins leads to divorce

The National Post is running an article titled I’ll Have What She’s Having, an article that covers the problems that arise when one spouse is on the Atkins Diet and the other isn’t:

But just as Siobhan misses sharing Chinese noodles with her husband, Ronny Kay says the worst part about the two years his wife, Barbara, was on the Atkins diet was that he lost his dining partner. “Perhaps I’m not a very good mate because I really didn’t care if she gained weight. But I wasn’t deprived by having to hide chocolate or not being allowed to bring certain things into the house. I was deprived because a certain kind of loneliness creeps in with no one sitting across from me at dinner.”

Full disclosure: I lost 35 pounds on Atkins.

One reply on “Now all we have to do is wait until people start saying Atkins leads to divorce”

I lost 45 pounds, and have had to go off of it for this past month (doctor’s orders after losing 4 units of blood and almost dying as a result – go figure). Got 10 pounds back. I’m going back on as soon as doctor says it’s okay.

Oh, and I’ve already berated Ross, but I might as well berate you, too –

“Cats are the crabgrass in the lawn of life”

— Snoopy


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