Two things from the distant past I’m trying to find

1. A Mind Forever Voyaging

I played this very engaging text adventure game, one of the best pieces of interactive sci-fi I’ve seen, on a friend’s Amiga in my first year at Crazy Go Nuts University, but never actually finished it.

Does anyone know where I can buy or download a copy of this game?

(Bonus reading: Check out Grand Text Auto, a blog about “computer mediated and computer generated works of many forms, including interactive fiction,, electronic poetry, interactive drama, hypertext fiction, computer games of all sorts, and shared virtual environments.”)

2. A copy of the MAD anthology with the scooter story

You might be able to tell from my stories that MAD magazine, which I read voraciously as a kid, is one of my influences. I remember one specific anthology of 1960s MAD which had a story about the rising popularity of scooters and how they’d be an indispensable part of our lives in the future. The story predicted that in the future, Americans would end up shaped like Weebles, with their legs reduced to vestigial nubbins. The last panel shows a buck-toothed caricature of a Vietnamese solider pushing an American around as if he were one of the those inflatable clown puching bags that bounce back after you punch them. I wanted to post some scans of this comic when the Segway was announced.

Does anyone know whch MAD anthology contains this story?

(Special bonus irony: Jack Kamen, father of Segway inventor Dean Kamen, was an illustrator who helped redesign MAD magazine in the 1950s.)


So, what language is Blogware implemented in?

Boss Ross has declared that we are far enough out of stealth mode for me to use my powers as Tucows’ TC/DC (Technical Community Development Coordinator) and actually say what language the developers are using to write this pretty cool blogging tool called Blogware


Some of you might right now be cocking your head to one side. Ru-what? If you’re one of these people, Ruby is:

  • A complete, full, pure object oriented language. Even the number 1 is an instance of class Fixnum.
  • Flexible and dynamic. It’s both dynamic (no need to declare variables) and strongly typed (types are checked at runtime). What to add methods to a class at runtime? No prob. Want to add methods to an instance at runtime? Once again, No prob.
  • A language with a nice clean, consistent syntax
  • Open source

For more detailed information, check out the following:

Ruby is on the list of languages I’m actively learning, and I’ll be documenting my experiences and other Ruby-related news here.


"Captain, sensors are picking up geek humour, and readings are off the scale."

Here’s a funny post from Slashdot (it happens sometimes) on the whole SCO vs. IBM debate over Linux, framed in terms of the famous duel of wits from The Princess Bride.

Recommended Reading

The whole SCO/Linux thing, explained in terms of The Dukes of Hazzard.

Nice going SCO, now you’ve got the gun nuts after you. ESR sets his sights on SCO.


Steve Mann on has put Steve Mann on their front page! Cool!

They’re running a Declan “Politech” McCullagh article called Cyborgs unite! in which he interviews Mann about the then-upcoming hot tub discussion at the DECONISM gallery.

The article says that the gallery is also his home, which I didn’t know. That means that Steve is practically my neighbour. I’m going to have to drop by with some pop (I don’t think Steve drinks) sometime, or invite him over for Bad Movie Night.

(The Gallery used to be a nightclub called We’ave, the former home of the all-female DJ night called Chicks Dig It, and strangely enough, where the not-yet-published “Worst Date Ever, part 5” reaches its histrionic and embarassing conclusion. It’s funny, the strange coincidences life likes to throw at you.)

I’ll have to post the hot tub/post-tub pub photos soon.

(Thanks to my coworker James Woods for the heads-up!)

It Happened to Me

You got it goin’ on, Elder Dogg!

I had this exact same conversation with some Mormons just a couple of weeks back.

I think I also said “Pascal is my bookie.” I thought I was being clever-clever, but I think it went right over their heads.

I can see AKMA and Gideon shaking their heads right now.

Boss Ross seems to be experiencing comic deja vu too.


Okay, I won’t go on about "Freddy vs. Jason" anymore

My co-worker Rob, who sits beside me and coincidentally has the same birthday as me (and Ike Turner), has asked me to stop tarnishing the name of the cinematographic chef d’oeuvre known as Freddy vs. Jason. In the interests of harmony, goodwill and accord, I will comply.

I’ll just let R.K. Mulholland do it instead.

(I loved Surf Nazis Must Die which gets a 3.1 rating from IMDB — Freddy vs. Jason gets a 6.9 — so you should take my movie recommendations with a grain of salt.)

Recommended Ranting

You can discuss the merits of Freddy vs. Jason at the IMDB message board for the movie. Go on, you know you want to.


Hump day wisdom / blackmail photos

My friend Nikki (bartender at the Velvet Underground) tells me that our friend Peter has this saying:

Eat the rich. The poor are tough and stringy.

She also has stumbled across negatives from “back in the day”, three of which are for photos of a teenage Cory Doctorow, The Mohawk Years. Bidding will start at one pint of Guinness.

(Memo to Cory: That old nickname of yours made me groan with pain. Not even George “Old pal Hotchner” Scriban is capable of groaners like that.)