Steve Mann on has put Steve Mann on their front page! Cool!

They’re running a Declan “Politech” McCullagh article called Cyborgs unite! in which he interviews Mann about the then-upcoming hot tub discussion at the DECONISM gallery.

The article says that the gallery is also his home, which I didn’t know. That means that Steve is practically my neighbour. I’m going to have to drop by with some pop (I don’t think Steve drinks) sometime, or invite him over for Bad Movie Night.

(The Gallery used to be a nightclub called We’ave, the former home of the all-female DJ night called Chicks Dig It, and strangely enough, where the not-yet-published “Worst Date Ever, part 5” reaches its histrionic and embarassing conclusion. It’s funny, the strange coincidences life likes to throw at you.)

I’ll have to post the hot tub/post-tub pub photos soon.

(Thanks to my coworker James Woods for the heads-up!)

4 replies on “Steve Mann on”

I’ll have to send you the video footage of Steve downing a pint of beer at the Village Idiot that night…



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