Okay, I won’t go on about "Freddy vs. Jason" anymore

My co-worker Rob, who sits beside me and coincidentally has the same birthday as me (and Ike Turner), has asked me to stop tarnishing the name of the cinematographic chef d’oeuvre known as Freddy vs. Jason. In the interests of harmony, goodwill and accord, I will comply.

I’ll just let R.K. Mulholland do it instead.

(I loved Surf Nazis Must Die which gets a 3.1 rating from IMDB — Freddy vs. Jason gets a 6.9 — so you should take my movie recommendations with a grain of salt.)

Recommended Ranting

You can discuss the merits of Freddy vs. Jason at the IMDB message board for the movie. Go on, you know you want to.

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