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Deep in the heart of cafe coolness

As I type this, I’m sitting at a table at the Lettieri Cafe at the corner of Queen and Spadina, where someone has been cool enough to leave an open WiFi connection.

I’m doing some PHP coding for a client. A couple of passers-by stopped to say hello. “Accordion Guy, I didn’t know you were a computer dude, I thought you were a full-time musician!” said one of them. Robbie’s just started his shift at the 24-hour hot dog stand across the street and is waving to me. I’m enjoying an excellent large moccacino and watching the streetcars and club kids go by.

I should do this more often while the weather’s still good.

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The cafes of Georgetown just don’t work for me. I wonder what it is. Maybe the lack of foot traffic going past. Now, if downtown Georgetown had a proper piazza, maybe that would have worked.

Gideon Strauss

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