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Accordion Video Friday: better late than never!

Here’s a tribute to the late Wesley Willis, done in what I thought would be the most appropriate way: Wesley Willis style!

Photo: Still from the video where I sign a Wesley Willis tribute.

Click the image to play the video (QuickTime required, 788 KB).

In case you’re wondering about the end of the song, that’s just the way Wesley ended his songs: with a “Rock over London, Rock on Chicago,” followed by some advertising slogan such as “You’re in good hands with Allstate” or “Budweiser, the king of beers”. I thought I’d just throw in a plug for the company for which I work.

Recommended Listening

Not familiar with Wesley Willis’ work? Here’s a Shockwave Flash video that someone made for Wesley’s Merry Christmas.

One reply on “Accordion Video Friday: better late than never!”

Dude that was beautiful!!! I’m sure the Big W would be proud and give you a big headbutt!!! 🙂 Rock over London, Rock on Chicago, Jeff Kahl keeps it bummy in the Accordion City and the Saugalands!!!

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