The last day of freedom

Today is the last business day that I will be a freelance programmer. Next Monday, July 14th (Bastille Day!), I will report to Tucows for my first day as their first-ever Technical Community Development Coordinator.

The thing I will miss most in the switch from working at home to working at the Tucows offices: naptime!

It’s the best perk of working at home, far better than being able to sneak a quick peek at the TV, do laundry, singing along with a blasting stereo (my current thing: doing a falsetto along with Goldfrapp’s Strict Machine), work in your pajamas (or nekkid) or take a nice private dump in your very own bathroom. Sometimes the answers to vexing programming problems come to me when I put the computer and myself to sleep for a half hour in the middle of the afternoon.

There’s got to be some place in Tucows’ warehouse space where one can recharge their batteries with a quick snooze. Maybe I can fashion some kind of secret napping cubbyhole in the ductwork.

(Note to Elliot and Ross: I kid! I kid!)

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