The Salt Lake Tribune ran an article titled Accordion players bellow against ‘square’ reputation.

FARK picked up the story, running it with the following headline:

Unlikely Accordion players insist they’re cool

And so far, two pictures of me have appeared in the ensuing discussion. One photo is captioned “Anyone who’s been to DefCon knows this guy”. But geez, both photos are from before I went on Atkins. Couldn’t they have used something else, say this more recent one?

Photo: Joey deVilla plays accordion with the dancers at the Naked News party, February 2003.

Another photo that appeared in the discussion is this one of a Klingon accordion that got featured on an episode of Deep Space Nine. I’m sure I would look like a total badass with one of these! Right? Uh, anyone?

Photo: Klingon accordion.

Thanks to Margot Beddoe-Lewis for the heads-up!

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