Top ten, baby, top ten!

According to Colby Cosh’s analysis of data from sites that track links to blogs (Technorati, Myelin Ecosystem, Truth Laid Bear’s Ecosystem, Daypop’s Blogstats, Alexa, and Blogstreet), I’m in the top 10 list for most popular Canadian blogs!

(A “Canadian Blog”, for the purposes of this list, is one written by a resident of Canada.)

Here’s that top ten list:

1. Winds of Change

2. William Gibson


4. Seb’s Open Research



7. Wood’s Lot

8. Ongoing (Tim Bray)

9. Daimnation!

10. The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century

Hey, Rannie! Good to see you up there too. With him, me and Caterina, that makes for three Filipinos in the top 10.

I should also mention that a strong contender for the list — currently in 11th place, my spot in the first iteration of the top ten list before a non-resident Canadian was disqualified — is Kathy “Relapsed Catholic” Shaidle. We will jostle for placement on the list like good-natured English jockeys rather than trash-talking each other like professional wrestlers.

(Of course, pro wrestling gets pretty good ratings. Kathy, wanna get some wrestling masks and come up with kind of schtick? I picture you as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and me as Randy “Macho Man” Savage.)

My thanks to all you folks who linked to me. Check out the blogroll in the sidebar to the right — if you link to me in a permanent list of links, you belong in my blogroll! If you’re not there, drop me a line and I’ll rectify the situation.

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