Tanned, blissed out and rested

The past few weeks have been completely exhausting. I’ve been juggling work for three clients, invading the media (a live TV appearance, a shoot for an upcoming TV series and a radio interview) and facing the final two (of five) job interviews for a spiffy position at a spiffy Internet company (and yes, I signed the contract on Thursday). With all this and even more going on, something had to give, and unfortunately, it was the blogging.

Although the work ended just before 2:00 p.m. Friday, the blogging couldn’t resume just then, as I hopped into the CR-V and whisked myself off to Killaloe, Ontario along with my friends Paul, Lisa and Sven to participate in this year’s Om Festival. No computers, no Internet connection, no programming, no clients, no media appearances, no bosses, no nuthin’. I traded them in for my “beater” accordion, my flaming cowboy hat, my “Kenora Dinner Jacket”, open fires, outdoor raves and listening to Julia Butterfly Hill pontificate.

(Cue left-of-centre friends say “Dude! Why didn’t you tell me you were going?!” and the right-of-centre friends saying “Sounds like a vacation…in Hell!“)

I (finally) got lots of sleep, partied my brains out and I’m sure I haven’t had such a marathon accordion-playing weekend since Burning Man 1999.

Things are considerably less crazy this week, which means that I’ll get to return to my regularly scheduled blogging. This week’s theme will be “catching up”, in which I’ll try to get rid of the backlog of stories: Canadian Idol, Worst Date Ever, The New Job, The W Network shoot, Kickass Karaoke, Om Festival and so on. It’ll be an interesting week on the blog.

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