Scared me for a moment there

I’ve seen a couple of posters for it in my neighbourhood: Top Gun, the Musical.

Thankfully, a closer look at the poster revealed that it’s a fringe festival spoof of musicals and movies that have been adapted into musicals. While it’s nothing new — The Simpsons have covered this pretty well with musical remakes of A Streetcar Named Desire and Planet of the Apes (I love the finale song, You’ll Never Make a Monkey Out of Me) — I just might have to catch this show.

You know, I’ll bet I could’ve written some of the tunes for this musical. Say, “Need for Speed (I Feel The)”, “I’ll Never Leave You, I’m Your Wingman” and the love theme, “Take Me To Bed Or Lose Me Forever.” Or these lyrics:

Goose: Top Gun school will be our finest hour…

Maverick: Quiet, Goose, it’s time to buzz the tower!

Lou Gossett Jr.: Hold on boys, that’s dangerous and illegal

Maverick and Goose: Wrong movie, Lou, you were in Iron Eagle!

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