Let the accordion invasion begin!

We’re only a couple of days into National Accordion Awareness Month, and nobody can accuse me of not pulling my weight. Here are my contributions…

“If I’ve told them once, I’ve told them a thousand times, it’s AccordionGuy first, then Rush Limbaugh.”

Thanks to a recommendation from Scott “Hello, My Name Is Scott” Ginsberg — he’s the guy who wears a name tag, which gets accordion-like results and doesn’t weigh thirty freaking pounds — I’m going to be interviewed on the Keith Larson Show on WBT News/Talk Radio (1110 on your AM dial in Charlotte, NC) this Friday at 11:35 a.m. Eastern. They haevn’t given me any particular “script” to stick to; as far as I can tell, it’ll be me nattering for twenty-five minutes in my radio-friendly schmoove voice, after which Rush Limbaugh takes over. I hear he’s going to eat a tree on his Friday show.

A big thank you to Scott for the recommendation! You’re the man!


Next week, I’ll be taping a segment for an episode of an upcoming W Network / WTN show called Living Romance. This particular episode concerns itself with serenading and will feature a mariachi band, a violinist who plays for his girlfriend in the morning to wake her up and at night to lull her to sleep (oh yeah, that’ll be happening once the honeymoon’s over), and me. As with the radio show, this will be largely unscripted, although I think there’s going to be a busking segment where I attempt to woo women on the street. Which sounds like an average weekend for me.

Ooh! I get a movie credit!

On Monday, June 16th, the Canadian Film Centre will premiere five new short films, including one called Squeezebox, on which I served as technical consultant, extra, accordion foley artist and soundtrack musician. That, and I also gave two of the young teen stars help with their music and math homework. The preview screening will take place at the Uptown Theatre on Monday, June 16th at 7:00 p.m., followed by an after party at The Phoenix at 8:30.

I’ll be there, and if you live in Accordion City and want to come along, drop me a line and let me know!

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