I’m buried in work…

…which I’m afraid might be too much of a good thing. I wake up and start coding, and before I go to bed, the last thing I do is check files into version control. Then I sleep, only to dream about coding. In one particular dream, I was standing in front of the Kickass Karaoke crowd, and they were asking me “why isn’t it done yet?” and on the screens, there was SQL instead of song lyrics.

Thankfully, I still managed to squeeze out enough personal time for the weekly dinner with my family and a couple of hours to make an impromptu visit to meet the utterly charming Min Jung Kim when she passed through town. No one expects the Min Jung Inquisition! (Min Jung, you can try on my accordion any time, and thanks, Rannie for the invite!)

The rest of my life, however is TLAs (three-letter acronyms): PHP, ASP, SQL, P2P. (Okay, “2” isn’t a letter.)

All I have to do is survive the next couple of weeks and things will get back to what passes for normal round my way.

I’m going to try to post something later on tonight, but there are no guarantees. In the meantime, how about another one of those silly Internet quiz results that I save for these occasions?


Go ahead and click on the image to try the quiz. You know you want to.

Yeah, as if we hadn’t guessed that already.

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