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Scenes From a Job Interview

Earlier today, I had a job interview with a spiffy-cool company whose name I won’t mention just yet. The parts of the interview that would be the most interesting to most people are, thankfully, the bloggable parts:

Employee 1: Hey, Joey! Welcome to {Spiffy-cool company whose name I won’t mention just yet}.

Me: Thanks. Nice place you have here. Didn’t realise it was so big.

Employee 1: C’mon in. I’ll take you to {the CEO}‘s office. By the way, sorry to hear about the “New Girl” thing. Feeling better?

Me: Much. You know, I forget how far and wide that story travelled.

We walk over to the CEO’s office, which is right by {Employee 2}‘s desk.

Employee 2: Joey! Glad you could come. Hey, about the “New Girl” incident — hope you’re doing okay.

Me: Thanks! Yeah, I’m okay. I was more creeped out than anything else.

We enter the CEO’s office. The CEO invites Employee 1 and Employee 2 to sit in on the interview.

CEO: Thanks for coming today, Joey. By the way, I read your blog. Really wild stuff, what happened with the New Girl.

Me: It was freaky, but thankfully little harm done. Besides, I think I can drink for free on that story for months.

I’m keeping in mind that the CEO is one of the Internet’s movers and shakers, whose company is a Methuselah (nearly a decade in business!) in a field where startups appear and flame out in a matter of months. He’s so well connected that he had a bite with Jeremy Allaire not long ago and is probably one of the Chosen Few who’s seen the secret stash of erotic daguerrotypes in Bill Gates’ mansion (okay, I’m kidding about the last one).

The interview commences and proceeds smoothly. The CEO then takes me to the desk of a biz dev person so that we can talk.

CEO: {Biz Dev Guy}, this is Joey. Joey, {Biz Dev Guy}.

Me: Hello, pleased to meet you.

Biz Dev Guy: Ah, yes. I’ve seen your resume.

CEO: Yes, but have you seen his blog? And the entry about the perfect girlfriend who wasn’t?

Biz Dev Guy: Uhm, no. I’ll have to give that a look sometime.

I haven’t had such an interesting job interview in the longest time. I hope they hire me.

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