I prefer to think of myself as having a healthy media *libido*, thank you very much…

I’d completely forgotten about the interview I did with TechTV Canada until Rannie sent me an email pointing to a recent blog entry of his:

Joey isn’t camera shy that’s for sure. First we saw him on Much Music. He was a special guest for much on demand i think it was. He’s been on two episodes of “Love by Design.” Unfortunately he wasn’t picked for a make over, but that okay, cause Joey’s house is awesome as it is anyways. Well last night I saw Joey on Tech TV. It was this short piece covering Shift Magazine’s 10th anniversary party. The interviewer is kind of flaky but it was a cool surprise to see him. Joey who fame is his accordian, talked about Peekabooty in the tv clip.

Sweet jesus you are a media whore.

Guilty as charged!

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