The “Save Joey’s Christmas” Sale

Problem number one:

My former roomate owes me a lot of money for back rent, the largest domestic phone bill I’ve ever seen, half a year’s worth of groceries and other miscellaneous expenses. Let’s simply say that the figure we’re talking about here covers the purchase of at least one Segway. Said former roomate is also in financial binds of his own, so the chances that he’ll be able to pay me sometime soon is pretty slim.

Problem number two:

My financial situation isn’t all that hot. Absorbing the roomate’s costs while being unemployed, then being employed by a company that ran out of money and now owes me back pay wiped out my savings. The job search isn’t moving quickly enough; I’m either getting rejected or sitting in waiting-for-second-interview Hell. Accordion playing is actually covering my groceries at the moment. I don’t want to have to pay rent with my credit card.

Problem number three:

Christmas is coming up. I’d like to at least be able to buy a present for this little fella:

Photo: Aidan in his cute Roots hat.

That’s my Godson, Aidan William deVilla-Choi. If a kid can’t expect a present from his Godfather, what’s the point of going on?

The solution:

The “Save Joey’s Christmas” Sale.

The former housemate left a lot of stuff at the house, and he has authorized me to sell it in order to raise money and help pay off his debt to me. If you’re looking for inexpensive presents to give to geeky friends this season, or if you’re a geek who wants some nice books or toys, you might want to check out the sale. I’ve priced everything quite comptetitively. The list isn’t complete yet — I’m going to add a few more items later on today.

All proceeds go towards saving my Christmas. You’ll get nice stuff for low prices, and I won’t be reduced to giving out sexual favours in the bus station in exchange for free cheese. And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

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