Still no joy in mudville

Just heard back from my placement guy: made the short list, but didn’t get picked. The employer chose someone with less technical skill and seniority, but who had more experience with enterprise development. On a brighter note, the employer said “keep an eye on that Joey guy, we might need him later.”

I guess that’s the price you pay for seven years’ worth of very interesting, very offbeat development work: when the only stable employers are mondo enterprise customers (those links are just examples — I haven’t applied to any of them), your experience comes up short. I’ll still take seven years of looking forward to going to work every day, adventure and a little uncertainty over Dilbert-land and slightly increased job security.

I figure it was also my time for a dry spell — up until now, I’ve been extremely fortunate: every job interview I’d ever had resulted in my getting hired.

And so the job search continues.

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