"Soviet Canuckistan" — now on a T-shirt!

Although Pat Buchanan’s use of the term “Soviet Canuckistan” to describe The People’s Republic of AccordionGuy (the country in which Accordion City is located), it’s been used before:

…and now, an ironic hipster-friendly T-shirt:

Photo: 'Soviet Canuckistan' T-shirts.

Is sexy t-shirt, da? Suitable for proletariat wearink. Will be impressink the hotties in the collective, no?

These were shown at a party held last night to raise awareness of (there’s not much on the page right now), the on-line reincarnation of Wild Culture, a Toronto-based magazine devoted to ecology, sustainable development, community action and the like (the magazine isn’t around anymore, but they’ve just released this anthology). They’re going for 30 Canadian Roubles each, and I’m going to try and find out how you can order them. In the meantime, if you’re interested in one, drop me a line, and I’ll pass the message on to the t-shirt makers.

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