Preliminary party announcement

Photo: The life of the party's had one too many Coors Lights. Man pointing his ass at the camera, giving it the finger while two friends -- one amused and one not-so-amused -- look on.

I’m the birthday boy! Kiss my ass! Whoo! And all this from Coors Light too.

The party for the big 3-5 will take place on Saturday, November 9th at Big Trouble in Little China, better known as my house. Details and invitations to follow shortly.

Yes, that’s right: I will be turning 35 years old on November 5th

— but since that falls on a Tuesday, I’m having the party on the

following Saturday, the 9th. If you’ve been to the last two at this

place, you’ll know what kind of bacchanal I’m talking about.

How do I keep my youthful appearance? Two words: clean living.

Photo: Me playing at Kick Ass Karaoke while host Carson T. Foster looks on, September 2002.

Clean living keeps you young. Kick Ass

Karaoke, September 2002. The next Kick Ass Karaoke will take place on

Wednesday, October 23rd. The guy in his underwear? He’s Carson T.

Foster, the host.

Okay, maybe not clean living. How ’bout just living?

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