Do you know a Bruno?

Graphic: Bruno logo.

One of the online comics I’ve been reading for a very long time is Bruno, a strip written and drawn by Chris Baldwin. A critic from Newsbytes describes Bruno as “widely recognized as one of the best realized comic characters on the World Wide Web,” and it’s true. She’s been around for years, which has given Baldwin pleanty of time to turn her into a messed-up, perpetually sad, confused, directionless, misery-seeking missile.

Which makes her rather true-to-life — I think we all know at least one Bruno — and an entertaining read to boot.

Some Bruno comics:

  • Week of September 16th: Telling the boyfriend that she took the “exotic dancer” job. You get the feeling that she wanted him to take it much worse than he actually did.
  • Week of September 23rd: Actually, Bruno, it is your neurotic need to be miserable.
  • Week of September 30th: “Sean, who are you? My other friends, I can define who they are, why I like them, what they do…you’re just…Sean.” Where’s my long-distance slapping device?!
  • Week of October 7th: Here it comes…

If only Bruno would start listening to her cat: “I think you should stop being a neurotic, narcissistic nut, okay? No? Ah well…worth a try.”

(Cats never say or do anything sensible, but it is a fictitious cat, after all.)

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