Bjarne. Cats.

A pointer to the lastest posts on my other blog, The Happiest Geek on earth.

I’m killing a little time waiting for Will to return from the ‘burbs, so allow me to point you folks to these two latest entries in The Happiest Geek on Earth:

Bjarne would be proud. Inspired by my Lisp porn, which was inspired by the Perl porn that Brit journo/Warchalking inventor Ben Hammersley pointed out, Martin “Coderman” Peck has made his own C++ porn.

It’s all Dvorak’s fault. But before I begin, a riddle:

Q: What’s the difference between John Dvorak’s office and a cactus?

A: On a cactus, the pricks are on the outside.

But seriously folks, the animal chosen for the cover of O’Reilly’s upcoming book on Blogging is probably his fault.

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