Queen Street Stories, part 5

Yours truly and two cute salesgirls on a Queen Street store talk about e-mail addresses.

More e-mail address silliness

This afternoon, at an undisclosed store, chatting with two female staffers:

Me: So I observed earlier today that people who have the word “sexy” in their e-mail address usually aren’t.

C.: Too true.

K.: Wait — one of my e-mail addresses is cutiepie@[server name deleted to protect the innocent].

C: Really?

I could see that.

Me: Okay, so the law doesn’t apply for the phrase “cutie pie”. Do you have any other e-mail addresses also like that?

K (getting all faux coy): Well…

Me: ‘Fess up…

K: I have this other e-mail address, pinkpearl@[server name deleted to protect the innocent].

Me: Pink Pearl as in the eraser?

K (looking at me with a you-should-know-better expression through the world’s cutest set of bangs): No, Joey.

C: Whatever could you mean then?

Me: The little man at the front of the boat…

C (getting the picture all of a sudden): That’s your e-mail address?

Me: You pretend your tongue’s the bad cop, and you’re beating on the little man like the perp who killed your partner.

K (laughing, slapping her palm on the counter): That’s hilarious!

Me: So’s the fact that I’ll never look at my Pink Pearl eraser in the same way again.

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