Murdoch, the Middle Kingdom and the Media

Rupert Murdoch, Jiang Zemin's bitch

Me so horny, President Jiang! Me love you long time!

I’ve been busy getting my new computer set up and working on all kinds of things Peekabooty-related. Hence the paucity of postings for the last few days. I’m back now, and to make up for missing time, let me direct you to an article on the Peekabooty site that I wrote called Murdoch, the Middle Kingdom and the Media. It covers Rupert Murdoch’s decade-long campaign to get broadcasting rights in China and all the ass-kissing involved. Read it and be amazed (and angered).

Much love to my homeboy G-dogg at Blogaritaville for givin’ me the 411 on Rupert M.

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